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Find A Doctor

Find A Doctor


Project Overview

The Digital Innovation team at Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH) was tasked with redesigning the the provider directory to increase customer satisfaction, increase ease of search, improve the site's google rankings, and modernize the layout.  In three months we increased customer search success from 48% to 57% and grew online appointment scheduling by 42%. Additionally, the "Find a Doctor" pages were the first pages to implement the new PSJH Digital Design System.

My Role

As Design Lead I was responsible for the UX roadmap, determining how to improve the user experience and achieve user goals in an agile two week sprint process. This included conducting user research, gaining stakeholder alignment, providing design releases to engineering, and writing user stories with acceptance criteria.


Ever since my doc retired, I haven’t bothered to find a new PCP because it’s way too hard to find a new one.
— PSJH Patient

Research, Synthesis, & Initial Concepts


The project began with a two month research deep dive. This gave me the opportunity to understand the positioning of this product, get to know the back end service we were using, and uncover any missing user insights that could guide our development.

I worked closely with our UX research team to dive into our patient's experiences with finding and acquiring care through interviews, mapping their experiences, and surveys of their digital habits.



Personas & Emotional Journey Mapping with Opportunity areas

Vera was our millennial user. Newly employed and in an unfamiliar city, Vera was searching for care on her own for the first time.

The creation of these personas aligned the team around the specific problems we were solving for our patients. Finding care is a huge undertaking with many people caring about different aspects due to their individual circumstances.

The emotional journey maps as well as identification of opportunity areas gave me the keys to align our stakeholders around shared goals for this project.

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Claudia is the Chief Medical Officer her home. She’s a high value customer, who coordinates all the medical care for everyone under her roof.

Frank is our boomer with specialty care needs. He has high trust in his doctors, but not in the health system as a whole.


Initial Wireframing Concepts


Agile Development & User Testing


Testing Concepts User Flows

In order to continuously get feedback on concepts with users, the team set up reoccurring monthly "Round Robin" user tests. They are structured so ten participants total (five in the morning, five in the afternoon) rotate through five "rooms" where they are able to provide feedback on five different projects.

Over four months, I gathered feedback on how our users think about finding providers (both primary care and specialists), A/B tested future concepts, got feedback on the live site, and was able to validate priority development features. 

(example gif of a user test)


Final Designs


Optimized Search

Expanding PSJH's provider search capabilities from name or specialties to include subspecialties, scope of practice terms, and symptoms allows those with lower health literacy rates to still find the right care for them.

moore 3.49.54 AM.gif

Provider Profiles

Provider profile pages were redesigned so that information is grouped to aid in decision making. Uncovering that what providers feel is important (education, board certifications, publications) was what our patients used to choose a provider.


Compare Feature

Frequently patients are deciding between two or three providers and were opening separate windows to compare them side by side. Including a compare feature to enable a patient to do this in a single window was a quick win.


Location Focused Search

The first thing patients want to know when searching for a new provider is "who is close by?" Location based search allows a user to navigate providers via a map interface.