Experience & Service Design

Tracking Patient Outcomes

Patient Reported Outcomes Tool


Project Overview

Medbridge was looking to expand their portfolio of products to include tools to aid in the collection and reporting of patient reported outcome measures (PROM). Most PROM tools on the market are geared toward surgical practices, so I designed a tool specifically for the rehabilitation therapy industry.

My Role

Design lead, responsible for developing the patient experience of the online platform and mobile app.


The use of PROMs is not widespread... in part because of the challenges of collecting and using this information in a way that does not disrupt the workflow of clinicians.
— Martha Hostetter and Sarah Klein, The Commonwealth Fund

Research & Synthesis


Persona Development, System Mapping, and Context Scenarios

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Outcome Measure Administration Journey Map (MVP)




For this project I used a design process that employed short sprints of design work followed by user testing that validated the new concepts. Because this tool was designed to be used by physical therapists, I needed to gather a large enough panel of users to able to test concepts with at least 5 people, all on short notice. The panel was built among 10 different clinics spread out across the US. Over five months I conducted six rounds of concepting, testing, adjusting, and retesting.


Testing Wireframe User Flows

User testing occurred over 5 weeks and was broken into two phases. The first was gathering input on general design direction and understanding how clinicians and front office staff utilize outcome measures within their current office structure. They then were asked to review the rough wireframes and give feedback. 


Mid-Fidelity Prototype User Test

Phase two of user testing was a moderated test using a clickable Invision document. Participants were given tasks to complete while giving feedback on the ease of use, potential integration into their current workflows, and detailed level feedback on the designs. 



Patient reported outcomes tracking 

4 - Patient Profile Copy 21.png

Provider's View of Their Patient

Outcome measure tab on the patient profile page. Each measure has an at a glance dashboard where clinicians can quickly review results.

4 - Patient Profile Copy 18.png

Deep Dive into Results

The outcome measure detail drawer expands to allow clinicians to dive deeper into the outcome measure results for each patient.


Adding PROs to Home Exercise Program

Adding an outcome measure to the patient's home exercise programs to be delievered via an online patient portal.

1 - SetUp (PV) Copy 12.png

Clinic Admin Panel

Admin of an org's workflow of setting up her organizations "preferred outcome measures." This populates the clinicians' OM library.


Patient's View

Outcome measure delivered in the patient's portal, where they can review their home exercise program, access their educational materials, and complete the outcomes.

Patient's need some lovin' too. Completion modal to celebrate their use of outcome measures to track their progress.